Van Andel Research Institute uses cytogenetic and molecular genetic techniques to identify structural and numerical chromosomal aberrations associated with mammalian disease. Cytogenetics team members are very familiar with the processing and analysis of a wide variety of cell types and tumor samples including spleen tissue, mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells, adult induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, blood, tumor cell lines, solid tumors, and more. The laboratory is equipped with a SpectraCube interferometry-based multispectral digital camera along with Applied Spectral Imaging workstations used for state-of-the-art cytogenetic analysis and the generation of high-resolution images. The team takes pride in the detail-oriented and comprehensive results that are provided to investigators worldwide.

The Cytogenetics team provides materials and methods, and high quality images for publications upon request. Please acknowledge the team’s contribution as follows or in a similar fashion: We thank the Cytogenetics team at Van Andel Research Institute for cytogenetic analysis.

For assistance in study design and custom projects, please contact Julie Koeman via e-mail or by calling 616.234.5690. Certified internal users should login to CrossLab and schedule service times through the system.


Shipping cells in a frozen vial is the easiest and most reliable method for transporting live cells. However, other methods include shipping actively growing cells in a flask full of media, shipping blood in a sodium heparin blood collection tube, and sending mouse or rat whole spleen in tissue collection media. Cell death can occur with high and low temperatures, so please contact the Cytogenetics team for specific shipping guidelines.

Please ship samples to:
Van Andel Research Institute
333 Bostwick Ave. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Services Include



For profit

Estimated time**

Chromosome breakage study $650 $780 Four weeks
Chromosome counting $350 $420 Two weeks
FISH probe* $350 $420 One to three weeks
FISH analysis $550 $660 Four weeks
G-banded karyotyping $700 $840 Three weeks
Spectral karyotyping (human, mouse, rat) $1,400 $1,680 Five weeks
Additional SKY analysis (complex samples) $500 $500 One to two weeks
Transgene localization $1,650 $1,980 Six weeks
Trisomy 8 and 11 screen (with chromosome counting) $425 $510 Two weeks
Trisomy 8 and 11 screen (without chromosome counting) $300 $360 Two weeks
* FISH probe lasts up to 10 samples
** Turnaround times may increase depending on complexity of the sample or project