Chromosome Breakage Study


Chromosome Breakage Study figureA breakage study is a useful technique that can detect obvious chromosomal aberrations such as breaks, gaps, large deletions, dicentrics, radial figures, ring chromosomes, acentric fragments, complex rearrangements, endoreduplication and premature sister chromatid separation. This technique is excellent for studies looking into chromosomal instability and breakage due to genetic disorders associated with chromosomal breakage, cells with DNA damage repair defects, and animals or cells exposed to X-rays, radiation, chemotherapy or mutagens.

What We Offer
  • Analysis of human, mouse, rat and dog samples
  • Increasing the number of cells for analysis (additional cost)
Service Includes
  • Cell culture, harvest and slide preparation
  • Analysis of 50 metaphases
  • Chromosome count and the frequency and type of chromosomal aberrations found per cell
  • A report including individual cell detail, summary of findings and representative metaphase spread images