Spectral Karotyping (SKY)


SKY is a powerful 24-color, whole-chromosome painting assay that allows the simultaneous visualization of each chromosome in different colors. Five spectrally distinct dyes are used in combination to create a cocktail of probes unique to each chromosome. The probe mixture is hybridized to metaphase chromosomes on a slide and then visualized with a spectral interferogram cube, which allows the measurement of the entire emission spectrum with a single exposure. The image is processed by computer software that can distinguish differences in color not discernible to the naked eye by assigning a numerical value to the spectral and pseudo color images.

spectral_karotyping_figureSKY can detect many numerical and structural abnormalities including chromosomal material of unknown origin, complex rearrangements, translocations, deletions, duplications, aneuploidy and more. The resolution of SKY is around 1-5 Mb in size, so aberrations smaller than this may not be evident.

What We Offer
  • Analysis of human, mouse and rat samples
Service Includes
  • Cell culture, harvest and slide preparation
  • SKY analysis of 10-30 metaphases depending on complexity
  • G-banding analysis to assist with breakpoint determination
  • FISH analysis when complex abnormalities are present (with FISH probes we have in house)
  • A detailed SKY report including breakpoints (unless sample is highly complex), a composite karyotype and representative karyogram images