Transgene Localization


Transgene localization is a more complex molecular cytogenetic technique that identifies the chromosomal locus/loci of a transgene that has integrated into a recipient genome by using the combination of FISH and SKY. The transgene integration site/sites are identified and reported as to which chromosome and approximate band location of where integration has occurred.

What We OfferTransgene Localization figure
  • Analysis of human, mouse and rat samples
  • Custom FISH probe production (when a control probe is requested)
Service Includes
  • Cell culture, harvest and slide preparation
  • Custom FISH probe production from transgenic DNA
    • Transgenic DNA of 2 kb or larger is required
    • 8-10 ug of circular or linear cloning vector DNA is requested
  • Analysis of 20-30 metaphases for transgene integration site/sites determination and chromosome analysis by SKY
  • A detailed report including transgene integration site/sites, chromosome analysis detail and composite karyotype, and representative FISH and SKY images